Michael Elgin vs. Shane Strickland (Midnight After Mania)


elgin strickland

Strickland has had a pretty fantastic weekend to until this point while Elgin has had some disappointing matches. Not sure if it’s a motivation issue given what’s going on with NJPW or the fact he’s wrestled a dozen matches or so this weekend.

This match actually begins with a lock-up. This is a bit similar to the first match as you’ve got a clear power versus speed contest. Feeling out process doesn’t go long as Strickland hits a huge dive to the outside. Elgin catches Strickland diving with a powerbomb. These two wrestled with slightly more intensity, but you can tell everyone is feeding off the crowd in a big way. Double stomp misses so Elgin hits a series of German suplexes. Elgin hits a falcon arrow, BUT STRICKLAND KICKS OUT DESPITE HAVING HAD THE DEAL DONE TO HIM! Lariat by Elgin but Strickland immediately hits a German suplex. Strickland goes for a top rope rana but gets Elgin bombed. Bucklebomb into another Elgin Bomb…and the bell ringer rang too early. Burning hammer ends it.

This match got a bit more time, and this actually was my favorite Elgin match of the weekend. Given all of the opponents Strickland had and going deep in BOTB, it felt like an important weekend for him.

Winner (s)/Rating: Michael Elgin ***1/2


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