Team Pro Wrestling Revolver (Curt Stallion, David Crist, David Starr & Zachary Wentz) vs. Team WrestleCircus (Aaron Solow, Boone the Bounty Hunter, Ricky Starks & Sammy Guevara) (Midnight After Mania)

team wrestlecircus.jpg

Immediate brawl ensues.  Dave Crist breaks out a stunner…Jesus. “Drugs” are  found on Wentz. It’s that kind of match. Wentz runs away. Lots of flipping and fives of course. Tables are stacked up on the outside like Chekhov’s gun. Series of cutters which is just what this weekend needed. Wentz comes running back with Boone running close behind. Powder gets spilled. JT Davidson enters the ring and has powder thrown in his face accidentally. He takes his shirt off and starts hitting moves on the wrestlers because this is exactly what you want to do, have a manager go wild on eight other wrestlers. He launches through two tables, and even I kind of laughed at that absurdity. Davidson runs out. Boone and Guevara finally pin Stallion after a Two Man Spanish Fly.

They certainly was energetic. Not much of consequence and there was almost too much going on to fully process the insanity. A multi-man like this is going to be hard to keep track of anyway, but with standing fans and a small building, it’ll be even more difficult.

Winner (s)/Rating: Team Wrestlecircus/**


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