WrestleCircus Lady Of The Ring Title Match: Rachael Ellering (c) vs. Angel Rose (Midnight After Mania)


elerring .jpg

Angel Rose signed with TNA for whatever reason. I’ve never had a chance to watch her wrestle, but I’m always excited to see Ellering in the ring. Bell rings and Rose goes for roll-up right away. Well, the object is to win I guess. This is a carbon copy of the first two matches except there’s a ton more nearfalls, and these women seem genuinely excited and fired up to be on this show. Ellering hits a chokeslam and then decides to do a People’s Elbow. Rose comes back with a stunner. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHY ARE WE DOING THIS? Why take a perfectly good match and turn it into a WWE tribute match. Rose hits a pedigree and Ellering kicks out at one. This match was going along swimmingly and it stopped dead cold for stupidity. Series of stomps in the corner followed by a running dropkick. Boot followed by a modified spinebuster. I enjoyed everything before and after the WWE tribute bullshit. These women are too talented to rely on that to get a reaction.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Champion-Rachael Ellering/**1/2


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