WrestleCircus Sideshow Title / Pro Wrestling Revolver Scramble Title Elimination Match: Jason Cade (c) vs. Andy Dalton vs. AR Fox vs. Caleb Konley vs. Davey Vega vs. Jordan Lennox vs. Lio Rush vs. Mascarita Dorada vs. Matt Palmer vs. Mr. 450 vs. Rickey Shane Page vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Suicide vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Trey Miguel vs. Willie Mack (Midnight After Mania)

fox champion.jpg

This is a double title match, one from each company. Two wrestlers start and a new one enters every 30 seconds. FYI, Gavin Loudspeaker SCHOOLED the PWR ring announcer in how to do that job. This is similar to the scramble match except one can only be eliminated by by pinfall or submission. Wrestlers come out, hit a few moves, and then rinse, lather, repeat. Mack eliminates Sky with a stunner. Indie wrestling really needs agents. I love that Tessa Blanchard dives on RSP as he walks to the ring. Quick hard kick and he eliminates her however. LOL Suicide is in the match. What if Suicide gets eliminated and we get to see “The Scene” Caleb Konley with Scott Reed being brought out of mothballs?

It comes down to Fox and Cade, just as it did the previous day in the ladder match. Cade, Fox, and Mr. 450 each 450 splashes and manage to get eliminations. Fox hits a northern lights bomb. Again, I can’t really rate these scrambles. One thing I can say about this show is it was very watchable and energetic despite taking place at freaking midnight.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW CHAMPION- AR Fox/N/R


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