WrestleCircus Sideshow Title / Pro Wrestling Revolver Scramble Title Match: AR Fox (c) vs. Moose 

fox moose.jpg

Fox talks about how much this weekend has meant to him. Fox promises to defend both titles whenever. Moose’s music hits and he comes out in gear. WHY NOT HAVE ONE MORE MATCH? NOT LIKE THIS WEEKEND HAS BEEN LONG ENOUGH! Fox hits a running kick and series of dives to start. How is AR Fox not dead? I know I ask that lot but he’s legitimate wrestled a dozen times in about four days and is still taking powerbombs INTO THE SIDE OF THE RING! Moose breaks out a second rope moonsault. Fox hits one more Destroyer for the road. 450 splash leads to a…two count as Moose launches Fox into the air. Fox hits a Yoshi tonic and gets…three? Moose kind of kicks out. We had an entire weekend of non0-fucked finishes and there’s two on this show alone. Moose made Fox look like a punk on that finish. This was a surprise…that’s about all I can say about it. Not much of a match.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Champion- AR Fox/*


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