Ladder Match-Tag Team Championship: Gallows and Anderson (champions) vs. Sheamus and Cesaro vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy)(Wrestlemania 33-April 2, 2017)


This was a midcard throwaway, and then the Hardys came out as a surprise to set this crowd on fire. It sucks to see Cesaro as a bit player, but the Hardys have certainly done a tremendous job clawing their way back to Wrestlemania and earning everything they’ve gotten. When it comes to Anderson and Gallows, man have they not worked in this company or what. To a shocking level. Have they even had a memorable match besides this one?

“Things are about to be broken.” That’s a good line Cole. Well played. It’s 17 years after Jeff Hardy did his huge swanton onto the Dudleys and Edge/Christian. In this match, Jeff Hardy does a swanton through a ladder. Each team takes turns running wild with the Hardys hitting their big spots early on. I;m glad Enzo didn’t end up seriously injuring himself given his reputation. Corey Graves’s hatred of Enzo and Cass is pretty amusing. Matt hits a Twist of Fate on Anderson and then goes back to grab the belts. Genuinely of the more surprising and exciting moments in Wrestlemania history. The company tries to force these moments down our throats, but this was earned and felt important. Action was also very good for a ladder match. They took some risks but didn’t go over the top. Really they saved the big moment for Jeff Hardy.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW Tag Team Champions-The Hardy Boyz/****


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