NXT Championship: Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT Takeover: Orlando- April 1, 2017)


I don’t see how anyone besides Jim Cornette or Jim Ross could possibly enjoy this match. The previous two matches were hot fire. All eight people were clearly motivated to take advantage of this huge stage of Wrestlemania weekend. These two wrestled like they were in the main event of a Lakeland Florida house show. Nakamura hasn’t tried since Sami Zayn last year, and Bobby Roode has been an entrance and not much else. I don’t know whether it’s a motivation problem or an emperor has no clothes situation.

It’s ironic that Roode has talked about elevating the brand taking it to new heights when he’s in fact done the complete opposite. Piano players play Roode’s entrance. I think I’d rather watch a half hour of them than ever watch this match ever again. Just like in San Antonio, Roode works over the leg…a lot. Nakamura is still using the Kinshasa. Of course, the final third of the match picked up and featured a bit more intensity, but why am I watching a 30 minute match when the final 5-10 minutes are the only minutes that matter. The story if Nakamura gets some offense in but is quickly cut off by Roode’s attack. Technically not the worst idea but the match feels incredible mechanical and uninspired. These guys are just relying on their charisma and personality instead of actually working an inspired match. Kinshasha teased but Roode ducks out of the ring. He kicks the middle rope into Nakamura’s groin and hits the Glorious DDT. Roode tries using the bell, but the official takes it away. Kinshasa turned into a spinebuster. The crowd that had fallen into a slumber has woken up. Glorious DDT finally gets Roode the win.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL NXT Champion-Bobby Roode/**

Nigel McGuinness showed a ton of potential as an announcer in ROH. Now that he can focus on this gig and has gained more focus, he’s turning into an outstanding color commentator. Percy Watson…I have no idea why he was there. He would go minutes without speaking and generally served no purpose.


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