Progress Atlas Championship: Michael Elgin vs. Matt Riddle (Glory Pro Crowning Achievement-February 19, 2017)

elgin riddle.jpg

One thing I appreciate about Riddle is his willingness to get in and out of the ring and not box himself into wrestling 30 minute matches.  Feeling out process. Riddle sells his shoulder after an attempted tackle. Feeling out process. Elgin keeps things pretty methodical. Riddle counters out of a German suplex. Pretty huge strike exchange ends with an enziguri by Riddle. The strikes continue to fly. Exchange of German suplexes. Elgin bomb out of nowhere only gets two. Huge backfist followed by a bucklebomb. Riddle hits Bro 2 Sleep and follows up with a springboard kick for three. I feel like these two guys have a better match in them. This was solid but definitely not at the level you’d expect for two of the best in the world.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Progress Atlas Champion-Matt Riddle/***1/4


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