Bobby Fish vs. Michael Elgin vs. David Starr (WCPW State of Emergency- March 31, 2017)

starr elgin fish.jpg

We get some shenanigans involving Bobby Fish not wanting to take his shirt off and Starr doing it for him. They go after the referee next.  Series of roll-ups and the official gets in on that act. He shoves Starr and Elgin, but Fish escapes his wrath. Things finally get serious and we play the take turns going one-on-one in the ring while one person rests.  Neither commentator whether this is elimination or one fall only. That’s some excellent quality control. Triple threats rarely work out unless there’s a clearly defined story or rivalry involved. Starr takes turns diving on each of his opponents. Bucklebomb and an Elgin bomb on Starr, but Fish breaks up the count. Fish taps Starr out with a kneebar.

Once they got past the wackiness, this actually turned into a pretty decent match. It’s a testament to how good these three that was as entertaining as it was.

Winner (s)/Rating: Bobby Fish/***1/4

Jim Cornette was on commentary for this whole show. You know, if he wasn’t such a bitter old man who is also a sexist and racist…he could be still make positive contributions.


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