Kellyanne vs. Dulce Garcia (Shimmer 91- April 1, 2017)

garcia kellyannw.jpg

My first time seeing both of these women. (Note: This is factually incorrect. I either forgot or didn’t realize Dulce Garcia is TAFKA Sexy Star. I’m an idiot.)  This a battle of Mexico versus Australia. Kellyanne turns this into a brawl as they outside. They go through the crowd, and it’s tough to see some of the action because of the bad lighting and not exactly slick camera work. Back inside the ring and Kellyanne controls much of the action. She teases sending Garcia out again but she hits a seated senton. Beautiful top rope armdrag followed by a running headscissors. Backpack stunner by Kellyanne. Garcia hits a sloppy fishermen suplex. Double stomp followed by  three amigos suplexes. That’s enough for three.

Both women wrestled with a lot of confidence. Garcia in particular has excellent body control, and she’s an important addition to this roster.

Winner (s)/Rating: Dulce Garcia/***


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