Ricochet vs. El Ligero (WCPW State of Emergency- March 31, 2017)

ricochet vs. ligero.jpg

Matt Stryker and Jim Cornette’s commentary about the female ring attendant is GROSS. Just like the previous match, we’ve got some wackiness as they exchange outfits. Is this what passes for storylines here? Once again, the referee becomes involved as he does a cartwheel. You have two of the better high flyers in wresting right now. When he wants to be, Ricochet might be the best in the world at being a high flyer. I wish this had been a more focused match, but there was far too much comedy.  The cutter count goes up by two.  Shooting star press gets Ricochet the victory.

Winner (s)/Rating: Ricochet/**1/2


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