Santana vs. Shayna Baszler (Shimmer 91- April 1, 2017)

baszler santana

This resulted from a brawl that started from various promos cut by Baszler, Savoy, and Martinez. Baszler hits a running kick back in the ring. Series of gutwrench suplexes. Santana tries coming back with forearms, but Baszler’s strikes are obviously much more effect. Santana tries to use her speed but is cut off throughout the match. Choke in the corner, but Santana finally gets a kick. Baszler grabs the legs to stop the rana. Baszler applies a Boston crab.  Santana Press avoided. Baszler gets a choke after a suplex attempt.

Baszler is still relatively new to the sport, but she’s consistently exhibited a high aptitude. Despite the match not ending smoothly, this was a dominant victory and an effective way to get her over as a monster in defeating one of women’s wrestling’s best. Not a great match but very effective.

Winner (s)/Rating: Shayna Baszler/**


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