SHIMMER Championship: Mercedes Martinez vs. Candice LaRae (Shimmer 91- April 1, 2017)


LaRae uses the headscissors and speed early. Violence party. The design of this match certainly made LaRae look like a credible challenger. LaRae tries walking the ropes and gets shoved off. This obviously turns the tide. LaRae comes back with a dive that sends Martinez about three rows deep. LaRae applies the GargaNo Escape, but Martinez gets to the rope.  Martinez dumps LaRae on her head as Shayna Baszler comes out. Vaginaplex. Baszler goes to the apron. Bryce Remsburg kicks Savoy out. LaRae rolls Martinez up for two. The Trifecta are ejected from ringside. Martinez hits LaRae with the belt. It only gets two. Series of nearfalls as LaRae goes for flash pins. Belly-to-belly into a DDT. Supervaginaplex into a long two count. Martinez hits the fishermen suplex for three.

This was an overbooked mess for no reason. These two are capable of having a great main event as the first few minutes and last few minutes proved. Matches like are what make SHIMMER such a frustrating company to watch.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL SHIMMER Champion-Mercedes Martinez/**1/2


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