SHIMMER Tag Team Championship: Vanessa Kraven and Tessa Blanchard vs. Kay Lee Ray and Mia Yim (Shimmer 91- April 1, 2017)

shimmer tag titles.jpg

When the history of women’s wrestling is written, SHIMMER’s contribution should be prominently featured because they brought women’s wrestling into the 21st century. They rescued us from Diva Searches and whatever Fabulous Moolah was doing for all of those years. What makes things so frustrating is some of the booking decisions and traps they fall into. They’re able to feature the very best talent but consistently use interference and cheap finishes in the main matches.

This match is another example. This started out as a crazy back and forth brawl. Yim and Ray use their speed, but Kraven’s presence is felt throughout this match. Having Kraven and Blanchard as a team seems like the right call. Ray comes in and hits a swanton on Kraven for two. Unnecessary double heat segment after a hot start. Kraven accidentally hits her partner, and Blanchard slaps her in the face. Ray and Yim are waiting in the wings. Pace picks up as the challengers get the advantage. Yim and Ray use some very creative double teams to take down Kraven. Blanchard pulls Yim off the top rope and hits Ray with the belt.  Terrible finish that stopped this match flat.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL SHIMMER Tag Team Champions-Vanessa Kraven and Tessa Blanchard/**


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