WCPW Heavyweight Championship: Drew Galloway (champion) vs. Rampage (WCPW State of Emergency- March 31, 2017)

galloway champion.jpg

Very different match as this is a hoss battle and there’s no comedy gaga. They wrestled this like an even power versus power match. It becomes a brawl on the outside where Galloway controls and tilt a whirls Rampage into the apron. Rampage comes back and sends Galloway hard into the steel post. Suplex on the entranceway. Rampage goes for a dive off the top rope but is powerslammed. Kobashi chops in the corner from the champion. Uranagi gets two. To the top rope. Galloway is in the tree of woe but still tosses Rampage off the top rope. Spinebuster by Rampage gets a long two count. Galloway reverses with the help of the ropes and hits Future Shock to retain the title.

This was a solid brawl. These guys focused on their strengths right from the start and made some good use of their time. This might go down as one of the more underrated matches of the whole weekend. Very solid work out of both guys.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL WCPW Heavyweight Champion-Drew Galloway/***1/2


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