Jinny vs. Toni Storm (Progress Wrestling Orlando- March 31, 2017)

storm jinny

Storm has become one of the more notable female wrestlers from England and has really worked to improve her work based on what she’s done in Japan.

Nice rana into a series of right hands from Jinny. The face/heel dynamics are extremely clear here. Storm uses her ample posterior to maintain the advantage. Nice Japanaese armdrag cuts Storm off. I know this was supposed to be a triple threat, but this worked much better. Jinny tries to put Storm in a garbage bag. All this does is fire Storm up. Storm hits a fallway musclebuster into a bridge for two. Huge headbutt into the air raid crash. Jinny slams Storm down back first and covers her with feet on the ropes. This sets up their potential tournament final match nicely.

Other then Asuka and Ember Moon, this was by a wide margin the smoothest and best women’s match of the weekend. Maybe the main event of Shimmer 91 was better in some ways, but this featured two strong characters, very solid work, and a finish that at least made sense. Impressive work by both performers in this one.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jinny/***1/2


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