Progress Atlas Championship: Matt Riddle (champion) vs. Trent Seven(Progress Tag Team Champion) (Progress Wrestling Orlando- March 31, 2017)

riddle seven.jpg

Riddle basically holds the equivalent of a super heavyweight or hoss division championship belt. With Seven’s WWE connections make this an interesting booking call. Things start out slowly, but a strike exchange gets Riddle going. Huge exploder. This develops into a very good match. I prefer Seven in tag team matches, and Riddle was clearly pacing himself for about a half dozen matches over the course of three days. This does feel like a hoss battle as they exchange some very strong style maneuvers. Seven hits a half nelson suplex and goes right into the gotch piledriver. He calls for a second off the second rope. Powerbomb into the folding press. Riddle hits a jumping tombstone and gets two. Seven hits a series of hard strikes before connecting on a Rainmaker. Piledriver for one. Seven sits up but is immediately put into the Bromission. Seven taps. Riddle retains. This turned into one hell of a match. Last couple minutes were excellent and they really built to those well. This felt like a strong style back and forth match…which is exactly what you’d want out of something like this.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Progress Atlas Champion- Matt Riddle/***3/4


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