Progress Championship: Pete Dunne (champion) vs. Mark Haskins (Progress Wrestling Orlando- March 31, 2017)

dunne champions.jpg

Trent Seven and Tyler Bate are at ringside for their partners’s big title defense. Haskins never actually lost the championship after winning it at Chapter 36. Bate goes on the apron and distracts Haskins long enough for Dunne to hit a forearm. Haskins gets a momentary advantage and tries to take out the other members of British Strong Style. Haskins applies a scorpion deathlock, and Seven goes on the apron. WHY. HAVEN’T. THEY. BEEN. KICKED. OUT? As I say this, he tosses Bate and Seven. Dunne hits a draping DDT. Haskins shows little ring rust and his trademark athleticism. Quite the strike battle as we enter the waning moments of the match. Huge flurry ends with Haskins locking in the armbar. Dunne dives toward the bottom rope. Dunne hits two tombstones in a row, but Haskins stays alive. Dunne hits the pedigree. Fuck right off. Dunne goes for a top rope pedigree. Haskins hits a Destroyer and rolls through into the DVD. Dunne kicks out. Armbar by Haskins. Dunne bites his fingers. Superkick from Haskins. Drop Dead only gets two. Regal Stretch. Haskins taps so Dunne retains.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Progress Champion-Pete Dunne/***1/2

I really did think this was the best indie show of the weekend, but how punk or rebellious is it when you’re relying on the same bookings tropes every other company in the world does and maintain a clear alliance with the biggest company in the world AND having the top guys be heels because of WWE affiliation?


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