WWE UK Championship: Tyler Bate (champion)(Progress Tag Team Champion) vs. Mark Andrews (Progress Wrestling Orlando- March 31, 2017)

bate champion.jpg

This is the first time in over 20 years a WWE title is being defended on a non-WWE show.  Bates tends to be a more cerebral and technical wrestler while Andrews is all about the high flying. It’s a bit surprising they stay on the mat so much in the earlygoing. We see both men show off their athleticism, and it ends up in a stalemate. Bate uses a cheap right hand to the face on Andrews. Now the champion is able to control things on the mat. Bate teases a pedigree. I roll my eyes all the way back into my head. Andrews counters twice. Bate cuts Andrews’s offense with a lariat. Andrews avoid the pedigree again. Andrews gets too cute and ends up in the airplane spin. Incredible sequence of moves. Cop Killer gets a nearfall. To the top rope. Shooting star press gets two. Superkick into the Stundog Millionaire. Tyler Driver gets Bate the win.

Both of these guys showed why they’re the present and future of their respective styles. Andrews is becoming more well rounded as the months wear on. Bate is 19-years-old but has such a clear presence about himself. Wrestlers with a decade of experience sometimes aren’t able to bring what Bate is able to bring into the fold. Even the lack of drama couldn’t hold them back. effortwise This was a good outing, but I think different circumstances would have made this better.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL WWE UK Champion-Tyler Bate/***1/2


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