Jinny vs. Toni Storm (RPW Live at the Cockpit 15-April 9, 2017)

storm jinny

These two had a dandy of a match at the Progress Orlando show. Thus, I’m curious to see how they perform in a different atmosphere for a different company.  An injury to Rhia O’Reilly made this match possible. Jinny is undefeated in RevPro. They start off with a lot of mat wrestling and not nearly as energetic as the Progress match (more likely because the Progress match was wrestled more like  grudge battle). Jinny hits a nice running rana out of nowhere. They hit on many of the same beats as the Orlando match. Jinny grabs her bracelet, and Chris Roberts looks like an incompetent idiot for not noticing what she was trying to do right away. Jinny grabs the garbage bag and puts it around Storm. Unlike the Orlando match, Jinny uses lipstick, and Storm gets especially fired up. Series of kicks. Jinny blocks and sends her colliding into her knee. Rainmaker countered and Storm hits an air raid crash into the knee. Kick by Jinny as Storm is on the top rope. Jinny uses some bracelet trickery and gets three.

I was curious to see how these two approached this match, and they wrestled in a similar way with a couple changes. Both women play their characters well and Storm’s biggest strength is her babyface fire. Amazingly, they found a way to have two very cheap endings. This one was even more annoying.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jinny/**3/4



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