Luke Phoenix vs. Martin Stone (RPW Live at the Cockpit 15- April 9, 2017)

stone phoenixstone phoenix

Never seen Phoenix before but Martin Stone is someone whose work I try to watch whenever I can. Phoenix threatens to show his ass before the bell rings. This is a more friendly contest than the one previously reviewed. Phoenix was away from the sport for a number of years and has come back. Man, have things ever changed on the British scenes. The crowd is singing happy birthday to someone. Damn Brits. Phoenix controls things on the mat. Stone goes for a right hand but is hit with a dropkick. Nice pacing there as Stone’s frustration cost him and Phoenix adjusted quickly. Stone uses a shoulder block but he shows weakness in his arm. Phoenix pounces. Storm hits a dropkick off the middle rope followed by a lariat. Stone slows things down even more. StoneKO. Pace picks back up. London Bridge blocked as Phoenix kicks away at the arm. Big splash misses. Another StoneKO followed by a knee strike Phoenix kicks out at two. Stone’s shoulder gives out. Phoenix goes for a series of flash pins. Powerbomb into the knee strike. Stone grabs his groin and palm strikes him. London Bridge gets the win.

Stone continues to be one of the more underrated performers in the world. Even in the limited performances I’ve seen him this year, he’s excelled against every opponent, whether they’re a known quantity or not. Stone made Phoenix look quite good in this match. Very strong outing with a well told story and good back and forth action.

Winner (s)/Rating: Martin Stone/***1/2


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