RPW British Tag Team Championship:  #CCK (Chris Brookes & Travis Banks) (c) vs. Sami Callihan and Martin Stone (RPW Epic Encounter- April 13, 2017)

rpw tag titles.jpg

Callihan’s strength (crazy action matches that go less than 10 minutes) clashes badly with Stone’s more cerebral storytelling. It’ll be interesting to see how they balance their styles. Banks is much better with TK Cooper in Progress as those matches tend to be more fun. Brookes and Banks proved they can do the sprint quite well at least on the previous RPW show. Stone and Callihan attack right away. That’s a good sign. They take turns in the ring, and this is everything you could ask for. It says a lot about Stone’s ability that he embraces the chaotic nature of this match. It would be nice if the RPW camera crew could catch Banks’s coast to coast dropkick well. StoneKO hits. Callihan hits a sitdown powerbomb and goes right into the stretch muffler. Brookes tosses Stone into the ring post. He has trouble breaking the hold but does after a third superkick. Codebreaker into the senton. Banks covers for three.

Sami Callihan’s AAW title defenses are the drizzling shits, but I’m fine watching him in sub 10 minute matches where it’s all action. I really want to see Banks in a singles situation to assess his skills in a more slower paced match. This was exactly what it needed to be, an energetic opener that kept the fans involved and didn’t let anyone breath for a second.

 Winner (s)/Rating: STILL RPW British Tag Team Champions- #CCK/***1/4


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