RPW British Tag Team Title Match #CCK (Chris Brookes & Travis Banks) (c) vs. Ryan Smile & Shane Strickland (RPW Live at the Cockpit 15- April 9, 2017)

cck vs. strickland and smile.jpg

This is the main event of the show. Strickland is starting to become a bigger star in RPW and Progress than anywhere in the states. Brookes and Banks already made an appearance on the show as they tried to attack Martin Stone. A tag match was made for the next show. It will only be for the titles if #CCK can retain here.

All I wanted here was a crazy fun spotfest, especially given what Strickland and Banks were able to do about a week prior in Orlando at the Progress show. At first, this was treated as a straight tag match. Then they started brawling. Finally, they went the spotty route and embraced the insanity. This was a really oddly constructed main event as they couldn’t seem to decide what kind of match they wanted to have until about three or four minutes into it. This paled in comparison to some of the tag matches wrestled in Orlando, but this was still a fine sprint to end the show. The craziest spot is Smile hitting a tope con helo on the champions in the entranceway. Brookes break up a count by basically mugging the referee. I believe Banks goes low on Smile. Brookes hits a Michinoku Driver, but Strickland kicks out.  Codebreaker right into a senton. Banks covers for three.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL RPW British Tag Team Champions- #CCK/***1/4


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