BULLET CLUB (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) vs. Lio Rush, Ryan Smile & Shane Strickland (RPW Epic Encounter- April 13, 2017)


Kenny Omega is wearing long tights, which I believe means he won’t be taking this match seriously. We get the “Suck it” chant going early. It is great to see wrestlers like Rush and Smile get a chance like this, to be in the main event of an international promotion against three New Japan regulars. Amazing how he got this opportunity in RPW and not even in Ring of Honor. Lots of stalling early on so this match is also going long. If Kenny Omega focused on being the best wrestler in the world instead of trying to be goofy, we’d all be better off. Same for the Bucks. I think Omega and the Bucks are supposed to be heels, but they have more interest in playing to the crowd. There are heat segments on Strickland and Rush, but the fans are cheering for the Elite. What a bizarre match. The latter team could not feel more like bit players even though they were the other of this match.  Smile, Strickland, and Rush fly around and turn this match into the crazy six man tag it should have been at the start. Oh, there’s a sequence of low blows and fake arguing leading to a triple superkick on Strickland. Double Meltzer Driver ends the match.

I’m glad the fans had fun and enjoyed this match, but this was incredibly frustrating to think what might have been and what this actually turned out to be. Omega and the Bucks are on cruise control at this point and need to be in WWE/NXT asap to hopefully get them consistently turning in good performances again.

Winner (s)/Rating: The Elite/**

People can accuse me of hating fun in wrestling, but that main event was a perfect example where if the Bucks and Omega had tried to actually be heels instead of goofing around, they could have turned this into something dramatic and worthwhile.


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