Hirooki Goto vs. Zack Gibson (RPW Epic Encounter- April 13, 2017)


goto gibson.jpg

I could write an essay comparing Goto to Roman Reigns. Here’s the short version. Both are really solid workers when put in the right situation, but they’re never going to be the money drawing main eventers NJPW or WWE think they are. Part of it has to do with their gear. Most of it has to do with their match styles. Goto can only do spring. Reigns can only sell and do his three moves over and over. Zack Gibson is the not the type of wrestler who can get the best out of Goto.

Gibson tries cutting a promo, but I can’t hear a word. Not sure who to blame but it comes off second rate. Given that Goto is NEVER champion, the result is never really in doubt. Gibson gets a tremendous amount of heat because of his attitude (and I believe where he comes from), but he never came across as anything but a mere foil. Maybe he’ll be on Goto’s level at some point but not here. The start of a trend as this match goes much too long given the result and quality of the action. Even when Gibson grabs the armbar, man no one was buying it. Gibson grabs…a stereo. Will Ospreay pulls it out of his hands. He and Gibson get into. What the fuck is going on? Gibson misses hitting Goto. Sleeper into the GTR and he gets the win.

In addition to being needlessly long, this also was overbooked.

Winner (s)/Rating: Hirooki Goto/**


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