Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Mike Quackenbush (CHIKARA Bad Wolf-April 1, 2017)

quack sabre.jpg

Go read what an expert thinks of CHIKARA if you’re interested.

This will probably be one of the few CHIKARA matches I review for this blog given so many of my favorites have gone, and the company has once again pulled a creative boner by skipping a season and having people catch up over a course of weeks.

It’s pretty sad to see a match like this take place in front of such a small crowd. This was a surprise as Sabre wasn’t supposed to wrestle Max Smashmaster. This was quite the upgrade. Three years ago, we all thought Quack wrestled his last match, but he’s since wrestled on a couple of special occasions, including this one.

While Sabre has embraced a more aggressive style in other promotions, this was more of the straightforward technical style you might see in a World of Sport. This was a beautiful exhibition of pro wrestling, and I don’t know what it says that Quack can come out of retirement and still have one of the better matches (despite a couple of notable botches) of the whole weekend despite no longer being a full-time performer. Things stay pleasant until Sabre begins using lifters. Quack slaps him back. German suplex sends Sabre onto his neck. Sabre turns his focus to Quack’s arm and neck. The intensity has ratcheted up all the way.  Sabre wins after Quack slips off the top rope. This was completely different from anything else that took place over the weekend and was a pleasure to watch.

Winner (s)/Rating: Zack Sabre Jr./****

I feel confident in saying that this will be the last Wrestlemania weekend match I watch. This also makes 90 total.


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