Joey Janela vs. Candice LaRae (AIW Walk the Plank- April 17, 2017)

janela vs. larae.jpg

Janela did not have this opponent on this night because Matt Cross broke his leg recently, and this was advertised as Janela taking on a mystery opponent. Both of these wrestlers are great at taking a good shit kicking and selling. Naturally, Janela plays heel since LaRae is the new queen of Cleveland after marring Johnny Gargano. Janela controls and LaRae plays the underdog. Desperation ballplex broken out early. LaRae goes on the offensive inside and outside of the ring. Janela hits a neckbreaker out of the package piledriver position. This was relatively short, and they didn’t wear out their welcome at least. With more time and more on the line, this could have been even better I’d say.

Winner (s)/Rating: Joey Janela/**3/4


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