Joey Janela vs. Nate Webb (CZW Decisions- April 8, 2017)

webb janela.jpg

Janela wrestled Marty Jannetty a week ago, and now Nate Webb is coming out of semi-retirement for this one. I would love to have seen 2004/5 Nate Webb against Janela because these two have a great deal in common. Webb takes a pretty crazy bump as he’s back dropped into a pile of chairs. Spider German suplex and Janela lands pretty awkwardly. Janela puts three chairs next to each other. Well, this won’t end well. Piledriver through the chairs leads to…a two count back in the ring. Moonsault with a chair met with double knees. Janela hits a double stomp and gets three.

Webb certainly tried, but this was kind of sad to watch. The CZW crowd having no energy certainly didn’t help. Webb was moving quite slowly and did not look comfortable at all.

Winner (s)/Rating: Joey Janela/*


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