Raymond Rowe vs. Laredo Kid (AIW Walk the Plank- April 17, 2017)

rowe vs. kid.jpg


Very much a battle of power versus speed going on here. This is a first time match as well. Kid out quicks Rowe and even dropkicks him over the barricade, Huge dive clears about three rows’ worth of fans. Some good back and forth throughout. Death Rowe out of nowhere only gets two and Rowe shows frustration. Rowe tries using the top rope, but Kid comes back with a springboard rana. Kid hits a 630, but Rowe kicks out of that. Judo Throw into a hard knee strike. Sitdown powerbomb finally gets three. Heck of a flurry to end that one.

Winner (s)/Rating: Raymond Rowe/***1/4


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