UWA Television Championship: Scorpio Sky vs. David Starr (CZW Decisions- April 18, 2017)

sky title.jpg

CZW has an alliance with a number of other promotions including Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. This match is a byproduct of that as this title is what unites this alliance. Sky is incredibly still wrestling. Ring introductions alone eat up about 10 minutes. Feeling out process turns into both guys just grappling around the ring. Sky hits a backbreaker and then continues to focus on it until Starr comes back with a violence party. He limps around a bit but hits a springboard lariat. They head outside where Starr tries to jump off the barricade. Sky catches him with a superkick. Sky goes back to the work on the left leg as they exchanged strikes in the ring.  Sky teases a sharpshooter but he leaps over Starr and hits a neckbreaker. That was different. Starr DDTs Sky on the apron. Neckbreaker across the knee only gets two. Starr is pretty gimpy. Sky takes advantage by hitting a TKO and getting the three count.

Compared to those last two matches, this was like a brilliant work of art.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL UWA World Television Champion-Scorpio Sky/***


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