Vegas Wild Card Eight Man Tag: Silas Young, Adam Page, Jay White, and Jay Lethal vs. Lio Rush, Colt Cabana, Hanson, and Bobby Fish (ROH- April 16, 2017)


This is a mixture of babyfaces and heels on each team. The winning team gets to go to a four corner survival and the winner of that match will get a world title match. Ian breaks out the Vegas clichés early. Young and Lethal get into it early despite being on the same team. After a commercial break, things seem to have calmed down. Young and Page work over Fish since they’re the heels on their team.There were a lot of interesting things ROH could have done with this match, and they chose to do none of them. Lio Rush bodyslamming Hanson on top of Jay Lethal was amusing. After the heat segment, everyone takes turns hitting finisher type moves. The logic of this match made zero sense as the team of Young, Page, White, and Lethal couldn’t get along yet still won. Page even walks out on Lethal toward the end of the match. Frankie Kazarian comes out for revenge after what happened previously. Despite what Page does, Lethal hits the Injection and gets three.

Winner (s)/Rating: Silas Young, Adam Page, Jay White, and Jay Lethal/**


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