FCP Heavyweight Championship: Pete Dunne vs. Travis Banks (Fight Club Pro Wrestling- First Female of Fight Club- March 18, 2017)

dunne banks.jpg

As Banks makes his entrance, Dunne attacks him from behind. The fans chant about him being a c***. Oh those wonderful English people. Dunne puts two chairs next to each other inside the ring and hits a powerbomb. Did the bell even ring? Banks comes back with a huge clothesline and vertical suplex. I was curious to see what Banks would be like in a singles match, and he’s wrestling with the same high energy and intensity like in the tag matches. Cannonball is quickly countered into another powerbomb. Crowd is firmly behind Banks. Dunne rolls Banks up for three while putting his feet on the ropes. …is that really it? I’m fine with out of nowhere finishes, but what the holy hell was that?

However, because Travis Banks has another title shot in his back pocket, he’s able to cash in the infinity trophy (the briefcase with a hypothetical contract inside really does work much better) and force Dunne to come back out. Banks dives on Dunne and match number two is underway. Huge low blow and Dunne tells the official to disqualify him. Trophy shot. Referee refuses to let Dunne get away with trying to be disqualified. Another trophy shot. Banks comes back with a springboard kick. Dunne hits his finish but still can’t put Banks away. Banks kicks the referee. Another springboard kick but no referee. Dunne hits another of his finishes but gets two. Referee is pulled out by Dunne’s partners. More interference from Dunne’s brother Damian. MK McKinnan, who had retired a year earlier, comes in and cleans house. Somehow, Banks and Dunne are left alone. Springboard kick still only gets two. Into the crossface and Dunne taps. Banks wins his first singles title in Britain.

The crowd clearly loved and understood everything that was going on, so it’s hard to criticize this from that perspective. This was incredibly overbooked and in watching the whole story, I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more. As an individual match, it certainly doesn’t hold up. This is also a match that plays MUCH better live when everyone is in the heat of the moment.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW FCP Heavyweight Champion-Travis Banks/**



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