Nixon Newell vs. Candice LaRae (Fight Club Pro Wrestling- First Female of Fight Club- March 18, 2017)

larae newell.jpg

Newell is known as the first female of the promotion. Newell is still injured from the previous night so she starts out wanting just a wrestling match. Things quickly get pretty strike heavy. LaRae hits a stunner, and Newell bumps completely out of the ring. They head outside where LaRae has a bit of a violence party. LaRae pours out some gummy bears in the middle of the ring. Is it wrong I’m more pissed about them wasting gummy bears than annoyed at this being a comedy spot? Superkick on the apron by Newell. LaRae hits her diving DDT to the floor. Newell is placed amidst the gummies. They tease various spots and slams. Belly-to-belly by LaRae sends her opponent into the candy. Newell hits a Destroyer into the gummies. A second Destroyer only gets two. Ballplex but Newell avoids a shining wizard. LaRae hits a reverse rana. Shining Wizard but only two. This is one of the better non-intergender matches I’ve seen LaRae in. Newell hits a ballsplex and then the shining wizard. That’s good enough for three.

Other then the gummy bear weirdness which totally didn’t seem to jive with the tone or energy of the match, this was a strong outing for both wrestlers. Nixon Newell is an incredibly impressive performer who has to be in WWE sooner rather than later.

Winner (s)/Rating: Nixon Newell/***3/4


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