Will Ospreay and Mark Haskins vs. Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) (Fight Club Pro Wrestling- First Female of Fight Club- March 18, 2017)

mm vs. ospreay and haskins

Moustache Mountain wasn’t originally booked, but they challenge Haskins and Ospreay to a tag match. Both teams are babyfaces, so this meant to be a nice friendly bout to start. Haskins and Bate end the mat wrestling portion and start hitting. Double fake dives. Moustache Mountain think they’re safe, but then they actually hit double dives. Ospreay and Haskins double team Bate. Things settle back down with Bate being worked over. Seven hot tags and back suplexes both Ospreay and Haskins. Short piledriver on Ospreay only gets two. Double team lariat into a suplex. Chaos ensues and at some point Haskins DOES THE DEAL. Seven has to save his partner because no one kicks out of the falcon arrow. Hard chop exchange between Seven and Haskins. Rainmaker on Ospreay but he ducks and hits his flying kick. Pretty amazing sequence. This was very reminiscent of the some of the mid-aughts ROH tag team matches. Ospreay and Haskins were certainly the perfect opponents for Moustache Mountain. Ospreay avoids a Doomsday Device. Ospreay hits the Oscutter on Seven to get the win. This match is a perfect example why British wrestling has taken off these last two years. A tremendous effort by all four men.

Winner (s)/Rating: Will Ospreay/****


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