Marty Scurll vs. Jay White (Only Kings Understand Each Other-February 18, 2017)

scurll white.jpg

This was pretty much a must review match for me. White is the second debut of the evening. Some stalling to start as Scurll gets into it with a fan wearing what I believe was a Steve Austin hat. White puts Scurll’s fedora on a fan. It’s amazing to watch Ricochet and Rush start off so quickly and then watch these guys bring things back to the mat. Scurll welcomes White to PWG by slapping him in the face. Scurll slowly works over White but is almost a bit too focused on reacting to the crowd and getting involved with typical PWG shenanigans. White comes back with some hard strikes. Scurll tries to use the mask on White but no dice. White puts the mask on and no sells Scurll’s offense. And we were doing so well. White does the just kidding superkick. White brings out cattle mutilation out of mothballs before transitioning into a crossface. White flips Scurll off and gets the fingers dislocated. That was creative. Scurll taps White out to the chickenwing and gets the win.

I know these two are capable of a really excellent match in some company. Just not sure if PWG was the right place given the crowd’s tendency to embrace absurdity and having fun rather than engaging with “storylines” or feuds. Match definitely had its moments but never felt fully cohesive. A more focused effort from Scurll would have helped out here.

Winner (s)/Rating: Marty Scurll/**1/2


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