Rey Fenix vs. Trent? (Only Kings Understand Each Other-February 18, 2017)

trent vs. [hoenix

These two men are already having crazy years. Trent stole the show at ROH’s recent anniversary show in Las Vegas while Fenix has quietly put together an excellent run of indie matches, especially in AAW. Trent tells Fenix not to do any Lucha. I bet that would go over well with this crowd. Fenix breaks out some Lucha flips during the feeling out process. Trent does as well! A hard chop exchange does not go well for Trent. Trent gets a more definitive advantage by throwing a chair into Fenix’s face. Fenix hits a tope con helo before going back in and hitting a nasty looking cutter. Trent hits a piledriver on the apron. Shortly after, Fenix double stomps a prone Trent on the apron. These men are crazy. Another double stomp back in the ring gets as close to three as one could possibly get. Destroyer is turned into a Jig ‘n’ Tonic. Trent gets the win in a hell of a match.

This was an actual fun match without resorting to some of indie wrestling’s (and especially PWG) negative tendencies. Both guys played their roles well, and I continue to think Trent is one of the more underrated workers in the sport. Perfect match-up of Fenix doing crazy dives versus Trent trying to slow him down and keep him down with some nasty looking moves.

Winner (s)/Rating: Trent?/***3/4


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