Ricochet vs. Lio Rush (Only Kings Understand Each Other-February 18, 2017)

ricochet rush.jpg

This is Lio Rush’s debut in PWG. Can’t really ask for a better opponent as long as Ricochet is motivated. Ricochet treats Rush in a condescending manner, so Rush slaps him in the face. Incredible quickness early on ends in a stalemate as Ricochet departs from the ring. The speed at which both men wrestle, but even moreso Rush, is quite a bit to behold. The fact that Ricochet is the “slower” of the two wrestlers should tell you everything you need to know. It was good to see Ricochet behave seriously and give Rush the kind of debut he deserved. If you’re going to book a spectacle match like this, then the wrestlers better be able to deliver, and they certainly did that for the most reason. I still think 2-3 minutes could have been shaved and made this even better. Rush gets super pissed at his inability to put Ricochet away. Ricochet takes advantage and puts together quite the combination of offense that ends in a Benadryller. Series of kicks by Ricochet into the Galleria and three.

Winner (s)/Rating: Ricochet/***1/2


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