The Chosen Bros (Matt Riddle and Jeff Cobb) vs. Unbreakable Fn Machines (Brian Cage and Michael Elgin) (Only Kings Understand Each Other-February 18, 2017)

chosen ones vs. mchaine.jpg

Quite a bit of mass in this one. Cage and Cobb show their always impressive speed and athleticism. Heat segment on Cobb and we even get to see the delayed vertical suplex. Riddle handles both Machines with relative ease after the hot tag. Amazing how much the energy and intensity picked up once Riddle entered. Things break down. Elgin DOES THE DEAL on Riddle. Cobb hits a t-bone suplex. I’ll say this. Give PWG fans shit all you want, but I’d much rather watch them actually engage with a show than sit on their hands like CZW and AIW fans do. Series of hard strikes by the Machines on Cobb. Super Elginbomb into an F-5. Cobb still kicks out. Riddle hits Bro 2 Sleep on both Machines. Cobb hits the twisting powerslam on Cage and gets three. Second half of this match was quite entertaining.

It really is amazing how much better Riddle is than Cobb and the fact Cobb took all the offense while Riddle got the glory. Probably for the best. Cobb either doesn’t have the skills or the willingness to enter the upper echelon of really good professional wrestlers in this country.

Winner (s)/Rating: The Chosen Bros/***1/4


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