AAW Heritage Championship: Penta El Zero M (champion) vs. AR Fox (AAW Epic- April 8, 2017)

heirtage title.jpg

This is technically Fox’s rematch although he lost the belt to ACH. Early armdrag exchange leads to a superkick exchange. All the matches on this show have been compact and haven’t wasted time. These two go for their signature stuff early and often. These two guys meshed extremely well which was nice to see. Penta continues to step up his in-ring game and seems motivated to have better matches. I’m sure these crowds and not being in AAA helps. Penta teases breaking the arm, but Fox counters. Lo Main Pain blocked. Destroyer hits. Lo Main Pain followed immediately by a 450 splash. Fox hits a package pildriver on the apron. That was naaaaaaaaasty. Penta’s head did not appear to land well. Penta comes back with a Destroyer on the apron. These men are nuts. Double stomp back in the ring gets three.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL AAW Heritage Champion-Penta El Zero M/***1/2


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