ACH vs. Shane Strickland (AAW Epic- April 8, 2017)

ach .jpg

Look at that ACH. What a rebel. Immediate dropkick by ACH as he’s continuing the aggressiveness he showed in Berwyn on the last show. Strickland is actually the one  who slows the match pace down. We get a battle of chops. ACH gives Strickland the old pecker tag (Phil Colvin’s words). A bit of an exchange of holds as ACH pulls a little bit of hair.  Strickland comes back with much explosiveness, including his patented cutter. Double stomp misses so ACH hits a DVD into the knees. Drive-by kicks leads right into a huge double stomp by Strickland. ACH hits the Buster Call and gets three to win one heck of a showcase match. They’ve gone out of their way to make Strickland look like a star in two matches. This was a strong outing for both guys.

Winner (s)/Rating: ACH/***1/2


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