Chuck Taylor vs. Trevor Lee (AAW Epic-April 8, 2017)

lee taylor.jpg

Chuck Taylor laughing at Marty DeRosa for suggesting he might get an X Division title match after beating Lee is hilarious. Trevor Lee comes out and doesn’t dance. Is AAW reading my reviews? If I’ve had anything to do with people not dancing in this company anymore, I have two words for you all readers. YOU’RE WELCOME! Crowd wants a dance-off. I knew I hated Rosemont for a reason. Lee boots Taylor instead of dancing. Taylor still has some fun, but Lee comes off quite strong in picking up the victory. This was a bit of a transition as Lee teased some goofiness but focused more on getting heat from the crowd. Things progressively get more serious in a positive way. Taylor even DOES THE DEAL! He goes for the Awful Waffle, but Lee rolls him up and holds the tights for three.

Winner (s)/Rating: Trevor Lee/***1/4

If Trevor Lee is going to be taking things seriously and not goofing off, then I am very much in favor of that. He’s way too talented to be relegating himself to comedy wrestling.


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