John Morrison vs. Rey Fenix (AAW Epic-April 8, 2017)

fenix morrison.jpg

AAW actually slowed down the footage for Morrison’s entrance. Well done. This is a battle of Lucha Underground stars. Things get pretty flippy early as Morrison exhibits a more heelish attitude than usual. Huge axe kick on a prone Fenix who’s between the apron and barricade. Morrison slows things down with a chinlock. Well, he is a former WWE wrestler after all. Double stomp by Fenix sends Morrison from the apron to the floor. Exchange of nearfalls. Fenix continues to use his athleticism wisely and play his underdog role to perfection. 450 misses and Morrison hits a one man Spanish fly. Things continue to go back and forth. Morrison involves the referee and goes low. Springboard kick. Starship Pain misses. Destroyer hits! That gets three. Nice to see Fenix get a clean win over Morrison. This raises the possibility of a rematch and the end of Sami Callihan’s title reign. The referee stuff was goofy, but this was another excellent match in a series of them on this show.

Winner (s)/Rating: Ray Fenix/***3/4


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