Michael Elgin vs. Matt Riddle (AAW Epic-April 8, 2017)

elgin riddle.jpg

These two have been involved in a couple of matches against each other, a singles match in Glory Pro and a tag match in PWG.

An early exchange of holds leads to Elgin grabbing a sharpshooter and then transitioning into a crossface. Apparently, this a tribute to the Canadian wrestling scene. Riddle counters some of Elgin’s strikes. German suplex and Elgin heads out of the ring. Big back suplex on the apron. Elgin work Riddle over for a bit. Series of strikes on Elgin. Huge forearm to a charging Elgin. Riddle lands on his feet on a suplex attempt and hits a leaping knee. Bro 2 Sleep. Elgin comes back. This is a slightly better version of the Glory Pro match with a bit more smoothness and the back and forth exchanges coming across better in front of a bigger crowd. Awkward looking sunset bomb. No idea what happened there. Elgin goes to the top rope. Big splash for two. Series of lariats. Solid exchange of strikes.  Huge superplex but Riddle gets fired up. Exchange of Germans. Elgin kills Riddle with a lariat but still can’t get three. Series of counters. Bucklebomb into the Elginbomb and a three count

I knew these two guys had this kind of match in them. I’d have this as a fringe match of the year contender if not for a couple of awkward moments relating to Riddle seemingly not wanting to take some of Elgin’s powerbombs.

Winner (s)/Rating: Michael Elgin/****


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