ACH vs. Austin Theory (Evolve 82- April 22, 2017)

ach theory.jpg

I like Theory in spots, but I’m not sure having a 19-year-old in Evolve is a great idea at this point, especially in these high profile matches. It’s amazing to think ACH has a decade in wrestling at this point and now Theory is the young gun. Mat exchange to start. We some next level athleticism from both guys as they try to one up each other. ACH tells Theory to look away and gives him a pecker tap. Many of the crowd members appear to be cheering Theory, which is quite interesting. ACH continues exhibiting more of a heelish attitude by both slowing the pace down and also behaving in a more cocky manner. Theory shows some well executed offense, but he’s clearly missing a more defined character and story. ACH is carrying that end of things. Buster Call finally puts Theory away. Theory was good, but ACH was portrayed as the smarter and better wrestler.

Winner (s)/Rating: ACH/***


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