Non-title: Zack Sabre Jr. (Evolve Champion) vs. Drew Galloway (Evolve 82- April 22, 2017)

sabre galloway.jpg

Galloway cuts a promo and talks about not being a hypocrite or sheep, which is ironic given where he’s signed up with again. He talks about Sabre always being in his shadow and never being as good an Evolve champion. Then he assaults D.A. Brewer. Galloway says he’s going to fight Sabre, not wrestle him.

Both guys start a brawl without an official to be found. Sabre focuses on the arm in such a way that’s not about mat wrestling but about attacking an opponent. Galloway slams Sabre into the apron. Octopus applied across the barricade. Galloway hits a short piledriver out of nowhere back in the ring. Pretty intense brawl between these two with Sabre going for some pretty definitive submission holds while Galloway is in the mood to toss Sabre around. Ethan Page comes out and powerbombs Sabre since he wants a piece of the Evolve championship.

Not sure about this. I enjoyed the brawl up until the finish. Page coming out when he has a huge match against Darby Allin later on struck me as really bizarre. Galloway threatens to sledgehammer the Evolve belt. Keith Lee takes out the Gatekeepers and enters the ring. Galloway exits as Sabre breaks the arms of Flex Rumblecrunch. Well, that was certainly an active segment.

Winner (s)/Rating: No-contest/***


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