WWN Championship: Matt Riddle (champion vs. Timothy Thatcher (Evolve 82- April 22, 2017)


Another Gabe trope. Bringing out the new champion to start the very next show. Riddle wants to open up Evolve 82 by defending the championship belt. No Lenny Leonard on this show and it just feels…weird. Riddle has never defeated Thatcher in Evolve, meaning this was a good first title defense in theory. Having this as the opener certainly reduced the importance of a match like this because while Thatcher didn’t have a chance anyway, this reduced the chances of a title shot further.

They start off with some grappling early naturally. Thatcher applies a sleeper bit slammed down back first. La Boom was the right choice for this title defense since Thatcher gets actual heel heat in this venue. Back to the mat wrestling. Story of this is Riddle being able to counter so much of Thatcher’s grappling. Thatcher actually counters the Bro 2 Sleep into the armbar. Riddle rolls through and goes for the Bromission. Thatcher taps right away. A nice clean win to establish both the title and Riddle’s title defense.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL WWN Champion- Matt Riddle/***1/4

I have no idea what to do with Thatcher at this point after losing the Evolve championship and now losing this WWN title match.


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