ACH vs. Jaka (Evolve 83- April 23, 2017)

ach vs. jaka.jpg

Jaka likes money and he implies he’s going to stay with Catch Point.  Quick series of pinfalls comes right after a feeling out process. ACH delivers another pecker tap. Jaka regains the advantage with an immediate leg lariat to ACH. Codebreaker off the middle rope and ACH shows some of the same frustration as he did the previous night. Pace finally picks up but Jaka wins just like that after a chokebomb. A bit of a strange match in that they went back and forth and Jaka seemed to win literally out of the blue.

Nothing necessarily wrong with the match but it seemed to be a bit lethargic at times and didn’t seem to have the level of energy you might expect from these guys. I think this would have functioned better as a sprint. ACH is one of those guys that benefits from a lot of energy and craziness. He’s clearly trying to change his style and embrace more of a mat style. I’d say he’s having mixed results.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jaka/**3/4


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