Coming soon…The Episode

I’ve been trying to think of ideas for this blog that don’t pertain to wrestling so I can stretch my writing a bit and move beyond making observations.

I’ve found a way to actually somewhat keep the theme of this blog (at least the wrestling blog) and will be focusing on writing 750-1000 words on some of my favorite episodes of television.

With the serialization of television, the concept of the individual story has gone by the wayside on streaming services and even HBO drama. The 10 hour movie is in vogue far more than the 20, 30, or 60 minute episode that can stand on its own. In the weeks and months to come, I’m going to hail the episode.

I’ve already got a list of episodes to get and will try to avoid repeating shows as long as I can. However, The Simpsons could probably sustain this concept for a long period of time. I am deeply interested in rewatching certain shows but keeping with modern television is incredibly difficult. This gives me an excuse to watch some personal favorites. I can tell you a rundown of the the first three columns since they’re “in the can.”

This Friday: Cheers- “Give Me a Ring Sometime” (Episode 1, Season 1)

Friday, May 5: Community- “Remedial Chaos Theory” (Episode 3, Season 3)

Friday May 12: Mad Men- “The Suitcase” (Episode 4, Episode 7)


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