Evolve Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Lio Rush (Evolve 83- April 23, 2017)

rush sabre.jpg

A definite and very clear styles clash (although both men wear white tights). After some even mat work, Sabre goes to work on the arm. Rush tries to use his quickness, but Sabre grabs a quick kneebar. This is where his focus remains. I have nothing against the leg work, but if Rush is just going to go through his usual offense, than this segment is kind of a waste. Sabre continues twisting Rush around. This definitely came across like a veteran chess player taking on a young upstart who doesn’t have the experience or intelligence. Rush is a tremendous athlete and is suddenness is beyond what almost any other American wrestler I’ve ever seen is. Frog splash misses and Sabre hits a diving uppercut. Rush comes back with a reverse rana into the tilt a whirl DDT. Frog splash turned right into a triangle choke. Penalty Kicks from Sabre. Rush shows a great deal of fire and kicks out at one. One Man Spanish Fly and a frog splash. Long two count. Rush uses a series of Penalty kicks. Sabre catches Rush. Slap exchange.  Sabre grabs the European Clutch roll-up and gets the victory.

This was an outstanding competitive back and forth match. The knee work didn’t really go anywhere, but the segment wasn’t that long. Sabre is doing a good job having these kinds of matches and also ratcheting up the intensity in an upgrade from the way he used to wrestle and the old Tim Thatcher matches.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Evolve Champion-Zack Sabre Jr./****


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