I Quit-WWN Championship: Matt Riddle (champion) vs. Drew Galloway(Evolve 83- April 23, 2017)


Things start out quite intense as they brawl in and out of the ring. The official asks Riddle about quitting two minutes in. Yeah, not sold on that. Galloway thoroughly dominates the next bit in a rather slow manner. Riddle’s strength is undoubtedly selling, but a match like this plays better as something that falls under a specifc amount of time. This lacked a sense of urgency, and I almost wonder if the microphone and stipulation actively hurt what was a really excellent to kick off WWN’s Wrestlemania weekend.

Basically, Galloway hits a move. Referee asks Riddle if he’s going to quit. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. Short flurry but Galloway hits the piledriver. Galloway hits a overhead throw despite being in the tree of woe. Bro 2 Sleep and then the Bromission. Galloway hits the champion with a microphone and hits a trio of Future Shocks. A fourth one is hit on a chair. Galloway ties Riddle to the middle rope. The official unties the rope, and Riddle makes a furious comeback. Man, Riddle really should have broken out on his own in that situation. Series of stomps and then the triangle choke. Powerbomb. Galloway goes for a sledgehammer. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME ON. Riddle uses the sledgehammer to hit a low blow. Riddle grabs the Bromission. Galloway quits.

I have no idea why this match didn’t click, but it just didn’t. Maybe it was the lack of crowd heat. Perhaps, it was a lack of drama. Finally, the match may indeed have gone too long. It’s so weird how odd this match turned out to be. This weekend was not representative of how Galloway was in the indies, and this was a shame. Not to mention the finish was awkward as Galloway was clearly in control and only lost because of the referee.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL WWN Champion-Matt Riddle/**1/4


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